Make your mooooove... When cows turn bad

Make your mooooove… When cows turn bad

by Kim on January 7, 2013

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Kim and Theo in the snow I love animals, I always have but you can really go off them when you are running flat out, in deep snow, with a dog who thinks you’re playing and a cow the size of a tank breathing down your neck.

The first year Theo came to live with us it snowed and didn’t want to stop. We were snowed in, the shops had run out of bread and milk and the snow was so deep that it crept over the top of our wellies and gave Theo a chilly tum which is not that easy to do as he is a tall boy. There’s only one sensible thing to do in the snow with a dog that has husky blood running through his veins and that’s to go out for a good long walk.

We have lots of incredible walks within a 15 minute stroll of our house and one that we particularly like is through woods and farmers fields and National trust Property. It touches the Greensands way and the views are stunning. It does however, on occasion contain cows. We had done the walk a number of times without incident, unless you count the time that Theo received an unexpected kiss from a cow as he was sniffing it through a fence.

The fields looked fantastic, picture postcard perfect. Pristine snow as far as the eye could see with just a few cows dotting the landscape. As often happened when we started to walk through the field the cows turned to have a little look at us. All OK so far until one of the cows Theo with a snowy nosestarted to walk toward us.

Just to be cautious I decided to walk off path and give it a wide birth. Unfortunately the cow had other ideas. As we took a large detour the cow headed straight towards us. We stopped. The cow stopped. I swear I saw a glint in its eyes. I turned around to walk in the opposite direction, it followed. Trying to get Theo to speed up isn’t usually an issue unless he is being followed by a cow that he thinks would make a great play mate. I was beginning to get a little concerned so I broke into what I hoped was a dignified trot.

Feeling better I chanced a quick look behind me only to see the cow running full pelt towards us. All thoughts of dignity flew from my mind as I looked for the nearest escape route. If it had not been for my surprising and previously undiscovered ability to throw a 34kg dog over a 4 foot barbed wire fence I think one of us would have ended up as a cow pat!

To add insult to injury as I threw myself over the fence and landed face first in the snow I looked back to see the cow standing the other side of the fence snorting at us. When I posted my tale of life and death on facebook the only comment I got was from my sister Karen who said ‘Still no milk in the shops then?‘ Sympathy is not a family trait!

Next time, Theo’s revenge why ‘Fenton‘ is so not funny!



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