Theo's 4th Birthday

Theo’s 4th Birthday

by Mike on October 27, 2012

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It seems such a long time ago that the skinny, anxious boy we met three years ago is now fat and happy sleeping upside down in the bosom of his family. Happy birthday Theo!

Now, don’t think that we get completely daft.

Let’s face it, celebrating Theo’s birthday is for our benefit and marks another successful milestone. Looking back, we’ve successfully worked on his bite inhibition, toilet training, general obedience, socialisation with other dogs and many more! We’ve discovered that since he has matured into a bouncing, cheeky chap, we have a whole host of new challenges such as his high prey drive and his intelligence that requires regular stimulation through training or simply new experiences. This leads me onto our birthday present. Kim had seen a babble ball which produced realistic animal noises that he would find fascinating. In the last month, I bought a babble ball which sounds like a small oompaloompa. Unhappy with this, I searched further and by chance found various fluffy animals with squeakers and animal noises. Theo’s preference is always the furry toy rather than plastic or rubber.

This year we got him a squeaky warthog from amazon. You can see the video when I first gave it to him, above.


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