The Tale of Two Guinea Pigs and One Curious Ginger Dog

The Tale of Two Guinea’s

by Kim on July 25, 2013

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Guinea Pig and PuppyThere’s nothing quite like the early morning walk. Relaxing, refreshing, just me and Theo wandering through the woods taking in the first smells of the day.  This morning’s walk started just  the same,  it was cool with a slight drizzle perfect Husky weather.

However, although I’m a bit behind on catching you up with all my past misadventures  I am never far away from the next one. Today’s adventure is the tale of two Guinea’s. Now I have no idea why 2 guinea pigs decided to go on an adventure and take themselves off for a ramble in the woods, but my suspicion is that they really didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

The woods are large, the Guinea’s small. Foxes are common as are various off lead dogs. I knew that without assistance the Guinea’s wouldn’t last. So how do you manage a large husky cross and 2 small pigs

After wrestling Theo away from the 2 critters I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do. My options were limited, I was 30 minutes away from the car, carrying the Guinea’s in my hands was not an option as Theo could easily reach them, I could balance them on my shoulders but I didn’t fancy being mauled by a ginger ninja for half an hour so I decided to head to the road.Guinea Pigs on the Green

Enter Chris from Chocolate Tortoise – great name for a dog walking and pet sitting business by the way. Luckily for me, Theo and the Guinea’s Chris was walking my way with 3 full on border collies. I think, on reflection my opening line should have been more in the region of ‘hello Chris, how are you’  rather than ‘I’ve found Guinea pigs can you help?’.

Never the less Chris took it all in his stride as we herded all 4 dogs back to his van. So now we have 1 husky, 3 border collies, 1 lab (in van) 1 dog walker and me. Off I sprint – yes sprint back down the path to find the small furries. I can hear Theo howling after me, don’t misunderstand, he wasn’t howling because I was leaving  he just wanted to be part of the hunt.

Small furries were just where I had left them, in 3 feet of stinging nettles hmmm…. well let’s just say my arms are no longer in any way aesthetically pleasing (note to self to wear long sleeves on every dog walk in the future).

Hurrah 2 scared guinea pigs now semi rescued. In my absence Chris had attracted a lot of attention, and had sent someone down the path to help me- thank you to the lady that helped me carry them back to Chris past the four dogs all who were very interested and into the van.

Where does this tale end? I will update you later. Chris carried the Guinea Pigs off on the next part of their adventure and I am waiting to hear about their happy ending. It is at this point I need to mention the cautionary side of the tale.

There were actually 3 Guinea pigs,  rest in peace to pig number 3 whose sacrifice alerted me to the plight of the other two. It was a quick passing and you shall be remembered.theo-smile


Keisha August 8, 2013 at 9:36 am

O hai. I sorry about pig #3. At least u helped the other two.

Mike August 13, 2013 at 10:51 am

Looking on the bright side 🙂 We found them on the local rescue centre’s website, so hopefully they will find new homes soon!

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