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Theo Dog Spells His Name in Kibble For Theo, nothing says I love you quite like food. Being a fairly independent chap, we’ve resorted to underhand tactics to aid his training (or that’s how he sees it). He is as good as gold when he’s hungry, and in this photo from the archives, we were practising the “leave it” command. The key to this game is not to just “let him have it”, but to pick them all up afterwards and give them to him as a separate action.

This game is much better when someone “interprets” Theo and gives a voice to his internal dialogue. We’ve often discussed what he would sound like if he could talk. The current consensus is something like Ray Winstone, orĀ  a deep London loveable gangster type voice. You know, something like:

“ello sunshine, got any kibble?”

I’ll leave you with a very funny video which shows just how dogs think…