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  Yes, it’s another photo of Hettie in the pond in Toy’s Hill. This was taken in summer 2012, when I was dog sitting Hettie and George. Theo tends to avoid the water, so I was a little surprised by this hot little Jack Russell who waded into the water, and subsequently made a few laps of the shallows. George and Theo watched from the muddy bank.


Hettie swimming in the pond at Toy’s Hill


This photo was taken in summer 2012, in the pond in Toy’s Hill (and beneath Emmett’s Garden). It is a lovely and cool spot for hot hounds, particularly those with little legs. I love walking around Toy’s Hill, and only recently discovered that it is the area that Octavia Hill (a lady, not an actual […]

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Thinking of getting a Jack Russell?


Dispose of ALL dark clothing. Jack Russell’s shed once a year, for 365 days. All regular visitors should also dispose of ALL dark clothing. Get a sense of humour – quickly. You may think you have put something out of reach of a Jack Russell – put it higher… no really…put it higher! Your home […]

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The Adventures of Theo and the tale of the squashed Jack Russell

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One thing you never want to do is squash a Jack Russell. I can tell you now that she wasn’t pleased and having my nose a few inches away from said unhappy dog was not where I would have chosen it to be. So am I a self confessed squisher of dogs? No this tale […]

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