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Edenbridge Playing Fields

by Mike on December 5, 2012

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The playing fields at Edenbridge are a great place to start a long walk. There are many paths and fields beyond the formal sports fields, the type of woodland most favoured by our big ginger dog. He much prefers off-road areas, where he can scent the wildlife (rabbits, rats etc.). This photo was taken in November 2012, about 4pm just before sunset.

Edenbridge, Kent (2012)


Edenbridge Rec


We’d been walking across the fields behind Edenbridge last weekend, and took this photo after about an hour. Theo had stopped to take in the view which included a few cows across a stream. He does love watching cows, it’s like meals on hooves. Just after I took this photo, we ran for a few […]

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Dog Log – 2nd December 2012

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As the song goes, “I got three wheels on my wagon, and I keep rolling along..” Unfortunately, Theo went through the latter part of this week with a succession of cut paws. He lost quite a bit of the pad on one his front paws and he was in quite a bad way. He doesn’t […]

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Dog Log – 24th November 2012

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The week where we had a mouse in the house, a policeman in the bushes, the dog that howled in the night-time and the moment when Theo caught a pheasant… But first, the dog log. We’re very pleased to note that another week has passed without incident with another dog. He met a variety of […]

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