Sunrise in Limpsfield Chart

Sunrise in Limpsfield Chart

by Mike on November 30, 2012

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Here’s the boy! This was taken in November 2012 in Limpsfield Chart, just as the weather started to get much more wintry. It was quite early (about 7am) and a beautiful life affirming morning where you could hear the birdsong, and the unfurling of damp leaves. This is makes for great hunting for Theo, who likes to snuffle through the leaves on the off-chance that a mouse hasn’t heard him stumble through the undergrowth for the last 50 yards. Although this was taken on an iphone, it captures the bright sun that cuts through the grey dawn half-light. Theo often moves too quickly for the iphone’s shutter speed, but he usually adopts very noble poses that are usually remarked upon by friends, family and fellow dog-walkers. He’s a bit of a show-off really!


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