The Adventures of Theo and the tale of the squashed Jack Russell

The Adventures of Theo and the tale of the squashed Jack Russell

by Kim on November 24, 2012

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One thing you never want to do is squash a Jack Russell. I can tell you now that she wasn’t pleased and having my nose a few inches away from said unhappy dog was not where I would have chosen it to be. So am I a self confessed squisher of dogs? No this tale begins with one of Theo’s adventures and one of my misadventures.

My sister Karen has a grumpy but very cute Jack Russell called Hettie and at the time she also had a tiny prima donna of a Yorkie called Rosie. They both told Theo off – a lot. Not that he objects to being told off he knows who he can be cheeky with and who he can’t although he did push his luck when he tried to nibble Hett’s small but seemingly irresistible tail. That’s another story but let’s just say Theo looked like he was wearing a Jack Russell tie!

Karen and I used to get together weekly when we could and have a wander around a beautiful place called Hawkwood. Streams, fields, woods , and an odd deer here and there it is a dog’s adventure playground. Theo loved it he would go crashing through the trees and then meet us somewhere along the path. Always happy and always muddy.

We were on our way back from a successful adventure, in that Theo was still with me when we reached the path that led us back to the car. The path runs along the side of a stream edged on both sides by steep banks and then by fields. The fields on one side of the river are public and open and on the other usually filled with sheep and private.

Theo had his nose to the ground as normal when he caught smell of what I later found out was a fox. He was off, down the river bank, across the river, up the other side through a barbed wire fence and into the sheep field. Luckily the sheep had been moved during the previous week. Needless to say when the nose is working the ears don’t listen. I watched him zigzag across the field several times before I realised that without intervention he wasn’t coming back anytime soon.

So I was off, down the river bank, across the river, up the other side, over a barbed wire fence, not without incident I might add and into the sheep field. Theo was mildly surprised to find me shouting in his ear as he took another zigzag that passed within a couple of feet of me. As I made a grab for him the fox shot out from the hedge behind me and took it’s chance to make its escape.

Now I had my dog and I wasn’t letting go but we were both standing in a field with a barb wire fence a steep river bank, the river and another steep river bank between us and my sister.

It’s not easy to push a 34 kg dog through a barb wire fence whilst holding his collar and trying to climb over it yourself. I thank 10 years of teaching Yoga for the ability to stretch in ways that are not normal. Getting down the side of the bramble and nettle filled bank was surprisingly easy. Theo pulled, I followed, it wasn’t pretty but it worked.

So now we were standing in the river, which was chilly by the way, and looking at my sister and her dogs who all seemed to be incapacitated by tears of laughter. I will give her credit though she did manage to tempt Theo with a treat and get him re-attached to his lead. So far so good.

The river bank was so steep that my eyes were in line with Karen’s feet, all she could do was gingerly lean over and offer me her hand. I planted a foot on the side of the bank grabbed Karen’s hand and pulled. It seemed to be going well until Theo who was attached to Karen via his lead decided to try to wander off.

I swung out to the side put my hand down to stop myself falling and found a hairy beast underneath my palm. Hettie made a noise that no dog should ever have to make and I did a weird side roll partly encouraged by the unearthly sound that she was making. My nose inches from small but perfectly formed teeth.

I managed to get to all fours on the river bank, and found myself apologising profusely to Hetts who decided that she actually quite liked the squash me game and tried to play with me. I’m not sure who was more surprised me or her.

As for Theo, he was already sniffing for his next adventure completely ignoring the commotion he had caused. That’s my boy!

Next time the tale of the charging cow.


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