Thinking of getting a Jack Russell?

Thinking of getting a Jack Russell?

by Karen on November 26, 2012

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Dispose of ALL dark clothing. Jack Russell’s shed once a year, for 365 days. All regular visitors should also dispose of ALL dark clothing.

Get a sense of humour – quickly.

You may think you have put something out of reach of a Jack Russell – put it higher… no really…put it higher!

Your home will be guarded against all threats including – post, window cleaners, leaves, loud noises, the dog in the garden ½ mile away and family and friends.

Be prepared to apologise! A few examples I have had cause to use –
‘I am so sorry she attacked your Rottweiler’
‘Officer I am so sorry, it is just that she doesn’t like people standing still’
‘I am very sorry about your shopping trolley; it was the squeaky wheel that got her attention!’
‘I am sorry, but I did warn you not to let your child try to pick her up!’
‘You need to call your puppy away …… I am so sorry’
‘Dear neighbours, I am sorry about the noise in the garden recently, my Jack Russell is defending us from the conkers falling from the tree!’
‘I am so sorry; I have got her now, it’s safe to get out of your tractor’
‘I am so sorry; thank goodness your horse is so calm’
‘Hello, haven’t seen you in ages……Oh dear I am sorry that your Rottweiler is now terrified of all small white dogs’
‘Is it the golden retriever you are calling for? I am afraid he is hiding in that bush back there after my dog had a go at him’
‘I am really sorry, don’t cry, I will pay for a new football’

Jack Russell’s are nearly always contemplating one of two things – mischief or world domination.

Squirrels, rabbits and other small game cause selective deafness in Jack Russell’s.

A bored or under exercised Jack Russell can destroy an average 3 bedroom semi-detached house in under 15 minutes.

Jack Russell’s get away with murder because they are Jack Russell’s.

Be prepared to laugh until you cry.


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