Dog Log - 9th December 2012

Dog Log – 9th December 2012

by Mike on December 9, 2012

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One of the reasons behind why we write Theo’s dog blog is to share the highs and the lows, the rich river of experiences and simply life flowing along. There have been a lot of things happening outside of the blog this week.. Kim’s return to the hospital for a check up of her broken finger (see “Frankenfinger“), my trip to an Osteopath to unlock some of the tension in my lower back as I am still recovering from sleeping on the lounge floor last Friday night (to look after Theo, and stop him licking his cut paws obsessively). And of course, the descent of temperatures in the Christmas period (minus 5C forecast for next week!).

We have been fortunate not to be affected by the flooding that has hit other parts of the UK, but we did get our first flurry of snow. Due to my work commitments, it was Kim who braved the fields and had the fun of watching Theo enjoy the snow. I spent most of the week in a suit, in meetings across London and getting completely frozen on the tube. I did sit opposite Richard E. Grant on the District Line at Hammersmith which is about as far as I’ll go with the celebrity low-down. (He did look very well, and no, I didn’t make myself known to him, he was earnestly talking on a mobile before dashing.. yes, dashing off in a very hurried manner with floppy fringe and scarf flowing at Sloane Square).

So then, the dog log. The beginning of the week was quite quiet on the matter of meeting other dogs. This is entirely due to other dog owners being far more sensible than us when it comes to bad weather. I imagine that they stay in, and let the dog out into the garden. By contrast, we don full outfits of hats and gloves and boots and boldly explore the muddier parts of South East England. On this point, my week of contrasts has been one of wearing smart suits, then coming home and getting into shabby, dog-hair lined fleeces and combats. When I’m walking around Westerham I seem to meet everyone and anyone when I’m looking like a tramp. It often feels as if I’m an understudy to the late Bill Owen, for the part of Compo in the BBC comedy ‘Last of the Summer Wine‘. The perils of dog ownership is that people may actually think that you are a crazy old buffer who races tin baths and huskies and enjoys various misadventures across the South Downs. Well, if that’s true, then that’s fine by me.

If you take a look at this week’s chalkboard, you will see that Thursday was a big day for meeting dogs. In fact, when Kim mentioned this to me later on in the day she was as pleased as punch. Her actual explanation began with the phrase “Boo-yah!..” I know, dear reader, it was a surprise to me, too. The rest of the week went like this:

Monday – Snow

Tuesday – Theo had a play with Gus at Jaqi Bunn’s walk and with all the cold weather really seems to have got over any tension about meeting other dogs. He just wants to play all the time at the moment. He has recovered from his cut paws, although is still a little “limpy” from time to time.

Wednesday – rain, quiet day.

Thursday – Met 17 dogs when Kim met Lena the dog walker in Limpsfield Chart. Theo was very happy and playful.

Friday / Saturday  –  the weather was frosty to start, and the late morning walk on Saturday was glorious. Theo and I played in the woods for ages. He kept burying himself in the leaves and zooming in circles around me. Lots of play bows, and chasing of sticks. The photo on the right was during one such moment, where we surprised a squirrel who ran up a tree. Theo was transfixed by this, and using all his psychic powers to will the squirrel to fall off. Fortunately, he has years to go until he masters the Jedi mind trick… although I’m sure I saw him move a biscuit towards him this morning.

It occurs to me that one of the true benefits of having regular walks is that you have plenty of time to think. I recently watched a John Cleese video about the nature of creativity, and the space, and freedom of thought that fresh air brings is fantastic. It is of course where the idea for this blog was first formed!


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