Dog Log - 3rd November 2012

Dog Log – 3rd November 2012

by Mike on November 3, 2012

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This week began with Theo chasing a mouse in Kim’s parent’s garden, and getting himself stuck between the side of their house and fence. Honestly, that dog! Usually he would have sorted it out all out by himself. Squeezing himself under a fence panel that effectively ‘shut the gate’ on him resulted in an exercise in backing out slowly and then completing a backwards hop over some telephone wires. So far, so good, but the daft dog ran back down there two or three times when he heard/scented the mice.

This was followed by a walk along the beach at Pevensey Bay. It was a lovely way to wind up the weekend.

The dog log counts 19 meetings with other dogs, and sadly one negative meeting where Theo reacted to a lunge from another dog. This wasn’t a fight or anything more than lots of noise, but as they say in areas of South London just ‘handbags at dawn’. Most of the time it will simply be a greeting of noses and play bows, but if he feels threatened, then there may be a scuffle and barking. We have reduced these incidents significantly now that we are walking him in areas with wide open spaces, and plenty of options with regards to ‘escape manoeuvres’. As Pat Moore pointed out, a lot of the National Trust and woodland walks in our local area are effectively tunnels which are stressful for Theo to walk down. If we encounter another dog on these narrow, woodland paths or ‘tunnels’, then Theo has little option other than to get up close and personal with the other dogs. The more we have been walking in open spaces, the more relaxed he becomes – and interestingly he often chooses not to meet the other dogs. Due to our decision to keep him on the lead all the time, we have to be extra careful to ensure that we are not creating the cause of the stress ourselves.

That said, another great week with our fine feathered friend. We also caught up with Kaye Scott of the Sevenoaks and District Dog Training Society to return the awards we won last year (pics below). It is nice to think that another family will be receiving the trophies – it meant so much to us. Looking forward to more training in 2013 with the SDDTS.

The Candy Award for Most Improved Dog, and also Most Improved Handler.


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