Dog Log - 2nd December 2012

Dog Log – 2nd December 2012

by Mike on December 2, 2012

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As the song goes, “I got three wheels on my wagon, and I keep rolling along..” Unfortunately, Theo went through the latter part of this week with a succession of cut paws.

He lost quite a bit of the pad on one his front paws and he was in quite a bad way. He doesn’t often whine or cry, but he limped along since Thursday. He kept licking the place where he’d lost the pad, so in the end we put one of Kim’s old socks on it. He wasn’t happy about it, but after a lot of cuddles and reassurance he endured the indignity…

Of course, before he cut his paw he was having a great week, with a single encounter with a dog walker in Limpsfield Chart of 17 dogs (all positive!) which was great to hear. However, the majority was all about the sore paw.  Kim did some research of dog boots, but I’m not sure this is even an angle we should consider. When he’s in distress, obviously we’ll need to cover the foot (as we have done), but for the most part, he enjoys life as he is. That’s the way I like it. I think the dog boots may be an option if he is (a) doing a husky race on the ice, or (b) if he consistently is having problems with his paws. Fortunately it appears to be a one-off. All this has meant shorter walks, and the need for more mental activities to keep him occupied. So far, this has consisted giving him his breakfast kibble in a kong, not his bowl. This means he has to work harder to get to his food, which is usually in an open bowl.

Our other favourite game to make him think is “find it”. When he is out of the room, we will hide some food (cheese, meat, a chew, or simply individual pieces of kibble) amongst the furniture of our main room. We then call him in and tell him to “find it”. His sense of smell is amazing, and he always finds the food.


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