Dog Log – 17th November 2012

Dog Log – 17th November 2012

by Mike on November 17, 2012

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As the weather turns wet and wild, Theo is finding lots of new scents and things to chase in the early morning frosts and mists around the Kent/Surrey border woods.

It was relatively quiet this week as Kim and I were both busy at work. Kim reported the most amusing episode, as Theo discovered that he could shuffle and squirm his way down a hill (on his back).

It was in the Titsey Foundation estate, with lovely views (if the cloud cover isn’t too low), and Theo enjoyed life upside down. He doesn’t often roll in muck, but he does like a wiggle. Of course, we didn’t get away that easily. He did manage to grind his way across the leaves, bracken and damp earth from the recent storms.

Probably the most surprising factor in this entire experience was the total distance he managed to cover whilst wiggling. Not only did he cover a distance of about 30 yards, nose first and legs in the air, going down-hill all the way, but he repeated the process several times. We don’t have a photo of the exact scene, but it probably looked a little like this:



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