Dog Log - 16th December 2012

Dog Log – 16th December 2012

by Mike on December 16, 2012

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Dog Log Blackboard - 16-12-2012It’s husky season. Sometimes the smallest things make a difference in a dog’s life. Sometimes, it’s a change of treats (we reverted to a less protein-rich variety), and the temperatures plummeted to -6C mid-week. It has been a pleasure to play and walk with Theo this week. He has been full of beans and playful. He’s already received three Christmas presents and is very curious about the interesting smells amidst that rustling wrapping paper. As you will see, he met a lot of dogs this week, with only two negatives (both on a single walk) where a staffie ran upto him (staffie off-lead, Theo on-lead) and wouldn’t leave him alone, and the other was a skittish young husky that he had a good bark at.

My highlight of the week was in Dog Communications on Saturday morning. The last time we went to Banstead, Theo discovered that he could jump a broken part of the fence in order to chase a giant pine-cone. This time, the fence was fixed. He took a few laps of the field and met the other dogs. Then, when everything seemed to be going ok, he nonchalantly strolled upto the fence. He looked up, and jumped over. Pleased with himself, he then investigated a few trees. Timing is everything, and just as I realised that in the next field over there was a small herd of sheep, so did Theo. If I had been a split second faster, I may have been able to distract him. I didn’t. He bounded across the field. If he was human, he would have whooped. He was having a ball. In woolly hat and wellies, I jumped the fence and sprinted after him. The trick to catching a runaway dog is the final moment. At this point, my luck turned. The sheep were used to dogs. They stood and watched him. Theo reached the fence, but had stopped running. I altered my course and ran to the fence a little way from him. It was a beautiful morning and I was laughing. I called him to me, and he trotted up and I put him on the lead. We spent the rest of the session on a long lead.

Amidst several other dogs at Dog Communication, Theo met Hercules. Hercules was a big, fluffy 9 stone Malamute and a very sweet dog. The first few interactions went well, but Theo couldn’t resist the need to mount Hercules. We spent a good deal of the rest of the session practicing avoidance techniques. We also received a lovely certificate for fence jumping from Penel and Laura, which was rather apt in the circumstances!

I’ll finish with a nice photo I took this morning in Limpsfield. Theo loves fir and pine trees, and we ran and he bounced around and around for ages, with lots of play-growling and chasing of sticks. He doesn’t often zoom like a puppy, but in certain areas where its quiet and the woodland floor is entirely soft, like a bed of pine needles and leaf mulch, Theo will become very playful. The tell-tale signal in the following photo is his ears, which only go back and soft when he plays like a puppy (or wants a cuddle).

Playtime in the Pines - 16-12-2012


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