Dog Log - 10th November 2012

Dog Log – 10th November 2012

by Mike on November 10, 2012

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The temperature dropped to zero a few times this week, and it started snowing in the mountains. Fortunately, Kent in South England doesn’t have many mountains. However, there are mountains in Ireland, which is where I visited. I flew out to Cork this week to celebrate my grandad’s 90th birthday. We had a great time and lovely to catch up with family – and thanks a million to my Dad for organising a tour around the Jameson’s Distillery in Midleton! My Uncle John also introduced me to Curly Mac, who is a very friendly Bichon Frisé. Curly has a great time in a wonderful family home with 4 kids and all those toys to play with!

So then, as you can imagine, this week’s report is a little shorter on Theo-related news than usual due to the fact that I was out of the country. When I asked Kim she said simply “33 dogs and it’s all good”. And so it is all good as you will see for yourself…

I had a long walk yesterday afternoon in Limpsfield Chart where we met a lady and her border collie coming the other way. We had already been out for over an hour, and it was the first person we’d seen. I checked, and the path was quite wide, and Theo was fairly relaxed. As usual, he was on-lead and sniffing some ferns. The border collie ran about 20-30 yards towards us, and started barking and growling. Again, I took a quick look at Theo, but he seemed unconcerned. In fact, he actually turned his back on the dog and wee’d on the ferns. He is getting so good at giving strong signals of his state of mind. I looked over my shoulder to see if we could move to a better place, and told Theo ‘this way‘ and made about 10 yards where the path joined another and gave the lady and her dog space to move past. When I checked to see the border collie’s movements, he had snuck right up behind us to within touching distance. The lady was still walking, but about 30-40 yards away. Despite the collie’s barks and growls at Theo, she didn’t do anything except let it run straight up to us. The dogs met, and Theo let the dog sniff around his tail and mouth without much interest. The lady then called to me ‘he’s alright, he just barks at everything but he’s just a big puppy‘. This misses the mark by a long way. I would ask any dog owner that if they see another dog on-lead, to please not let their dogs approach without talking to the owner first. Your dog may in fact be a saint, but it is not about your dog. If a dog is on the lead, it is probably on the lead for a reason. I was delighted with Theo’s response of avoidance, which could so easily turn into a growl or more to tell the other dog to leave him alone. If you are a dog owner who is experiencing similar issues, please check out DINOS UK (dogs in need of space), you’re not alone!

Here’s my typical view when we’re not walking to heel (a husky’s favourite place is way, way out in front!)


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