Home improvements

Home improvements

by Mike on October 1, 2012

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This is me, and that’s Theo helping. I can’t help thinking of Kim’s sister’s comment when she first saw this picture “What are you doing with Kim’s hammer?” You see, Kim is particularly handy with home improvements, whilst I muck about on the PC. However, on this rare occasion, Theo and I thought we’d show them how it was done 🙂

The other thing that this brings to mind is a particularly unpleasant experience we had with a dog trainer. They were of the old-school, and in a dangerous attempt to instil respect and greater attentiveness to my recall command, the trainer threw a metal chain at Theo’s hind-legs. The sound and shock were supposed to trigger some sort of aversion in the dogs to make them more obedient. As you can see, Theo is not bothered by noise. When I hammered in the nails into the floorboards, the noise and vibration were loud, and he didn’t bother much.


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