Dog's age in human years... Theo is 33!

They said calculate your dog’s true age and it turns out Theo is 33!

by Mike on May 12, 2013

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I just read this in the BBC Magazine and it turns out that Theo is 33 in human years. dog-age

Nobody knows where the seven dog years to one human year theory came from or at least no-one is claiming responsibility for it. It first appeared in maths text books in the 1960s and questions were set asking children to calculate the age of a dog using the 7:1 ratio.

You’d think that with a few years under his belt, Theo would perhaps be more mature and wise. He has his moments, and he has settled down so much since that crazy day we got him from the rescue centre. Thankfully for the most part he is still the loveable, daft puppy that we love and adore. He still hides our shoes when he wants to play, picks up his lead when he wants a walk, and can hear the difference between us cutting a vegetable and cheese (he loves cheese). He still wags at cats, and licks my nose when he wants me to wake up. Yes, our boy is growing older but I’m not so sure he’s growing up. Thank goodness for that!

He’s in his prime and ready for another cuddle by the looks of it
(upside down on his bed and the end of his tail wagging a little)…




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