by Mike on November 8, 2012

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Bodie is one of Theo’s best friends, and they have often walked together and stayed together on overnight stay-overs if one or the other’s owner is away for the night.

Bodie has been a fantastic teaching dog for Theo, as he is completely relaxed in any situation involving other dogs or people. Being a golden retriever, Bodie loves people and is always on the look out for tasty treats or cuddles. More importantly (for Theo), is how tolerant Bodie is with other dogs. Bodie is an old boy, and he knows he’s in charge. He lets the puppies run around his feet, and even doesn’t react when larger adolescents bark or lunge. He just stands there with a zen like composure until the other dogs let him alone.

We can’t make up our minds whether he is a bit simple or an evil genius. After getting to know him, I’m fairly sure that Bodie is an evil genius as he always gets his way. In his time, he has unlocked child-proof locks and convinced me to lift him into my car (and ripping the seat of my trousers in full view of Sevenoaks train station which is an incident which still haunts me in the small hours of the night). However, if you look closely in his eyes, you’ll realise that it isn’t so much to do with evil, as just a very good sense of humour…


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