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Hot dog, jumping frog, tasty-turkey!

by Mike on June 19, 2013

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hot-dog1 - 19-06-2013

Yes, I know it’s a tenuous title but it made us laugh! It’s been hot work today for a fluffy husky still wearing his winter coat. Lots of panting and lying down on the cool kitchen tiles, and that’s just the humans.

Theo searched out the cool boggy mud on our walk in the woods today – which is what you can see in the photo. He loves this plant (no idea what it’s called), but he likes to brush up against it hide under the leaves. I’m often left holding the lead and trying to explain to passers-by that there is a dog on the end of the lead, not just that I’m walking the geraniums (I’m guessing, it’s probably some sort of weed).

And whilst I remember, for all those fellow dog walkers don’t leave your dogs in hot cars! Yes, there were times last week where I could still see my breath in the cold frosty mornings but this week it’s humid and over 23c in sunny Kent.

p.s. For anyone who missed the song reference, here’s the original song that I’ve got going round my head! Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque!


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